Nature and culture

Estarrún B&B enjoys advising our guests about the activities that can be done in the Aísa valley and surroundings. In our blog you will find posts about hikes, climbs and about our artistic and natural heritage.

Nature activities


Summer and spring

The Pyrenees mountains offer a lot of opportunities, from family hikes that will lead us to the fields, mountain rivers or lakes, until the most efforts climbings . The circular routes of Igüér and the Abi beech wood, or the hike to the Chorrotal (Estarrún`s spring) or to the Sibiscal valley are some easy walks, all of them in the Aísa valley. There are also hikes in the Hecho valley, like the Aguas Tuertas, the circular route in the Oza wood and even (for older children) the climb to the Acherito lake; or to the Estanés lake from Sanssanet, in France, another classic hike.

If we cross the border it is indispensable to visit the Lescun valley, approaching the Ansabère huts or enjoying a pícnic at the Sanchèse plane, and for the most adventure still remain the Ansabère and Lhurs lakes. We can not forget the impresive Chemin de la Mature (wood path); or the Arlet lake, in the Pyrenees National Park (France).

The alternatives for the most hungries guests of summits depends on their experience in mountain climbing: the climb to the Aspe, the Bisaurín, the Castillo de Acher or the Collarada are the most known, and the summits of the Llana de la Garganta and the Llana del Bozo, the Olibón peak, the Sombrero, the Lecherín Alto or (easier) the Peña Mesola, the Cucuruzuelo and the Magdalena peak are less visited.

Another activity we would like to emphasise is the fly fishing in rivers and lakes: from the Veral river, the Aragón Subordán, the Estarrún, the Aragón, the Canal Roya and the Canal de Izas, as well as the rivers located in the Aspe valley basin, in France.


When the snow covers the mountains, they become more dangerous, so it is necessary to climb them with specific equipment and technique. There is an alternative like the ski stations of Astún (at 33 km) and Candanchú (at 30 km). In adition, it is possible to go hiking in winter with snowshoes: the Igüer cirque, the Abi plain, the Blancas path, and even the climbing to the Cucuruzuelo or the Mesola crag are some of the nearer possibilities. Or also the hike to the Estanés mountain lake from France (beside the Somport ski station).

Art, arquitecture and heritage


The posibilities are enormous in this area: from visiting tradicional arquitecture villages, like Aísa, Sinués, Aragüés, Hecho, Ansó or Santa Cruz de la Serós; until knowing the city of Jaca and its varied arquitecture heritage, like the San Pedro Cathedral and its Diocesan Museum, the Santiago Church, the Benedictines Monastery, the city Hall, the Fortress built by Philip the second, the Carmen Church, or its varied modernists buildings. We must highlight its gardens (The Ciudadela, the Constitución park, the San Lure park or the Cantera promenade), too, and its excellent views to collarada and Peña Oroel. And we can not forget the singularity of the modernist railway station of Canfranc, that it is possible to visit with a guide to know the hidden details of its history.

Another appealing visit is to the mozarab and romanesque churches located in the region villages: San Adrián of Sasabe (Borau), Santa María of Iguácel (La Garcipollera), the Aruej church, the San Pedro church (Sinués),the Santa María and San Caprasio churches (Santa Cruz de la Serós), the San Bartolomé church (in the abandoned village of Larrosa) or the chuches of the Solana de Jaca. Also San Juan de la Peña Monastery is a must see visit because of its enclave and its cloisters, joined to the origins of the Aragón kingdom. We also encourage to visit the beautifull churches that are part of the route of Serrablo, in the Tena valley.

Another activities


The children will enjoy theirselfs by the faunal parks of La Cuniacha (Tena valley) and Borce (France) and by the zip lines ecoparks of the Juncaral (Villanúa) or the one in the Oza wood. In summer it is also organised in the Jacetania a lot of music festivals that will go down a treat with the music lovers: the Pirineos Classic and Jazzetania, the Way of St. James Internacional Festival (ancient music), or the PIR (Music and Culture Festival from the Pyrenees).