Responsible Travel Policy

Policy aims

Our main values are based in the respect and sustainability necessaries in a natural environment like the one we live. This of course comprise natural and social issues, as we came from the city to this depopulated area our aim was and is to give life to this small villages and offer a possible different perspective that could meet the local and the urban point of views. The development of this area of the Pyrenees is also conditioned by the global warming, because the average temperature has risen more than other areas of the planet, so we must take more precautions during our interaction with the environment and the wildlife. We must try to enjoy but at the same time avoid to disrupt them.

Economic responsibility

We always hire local guides that have much experience working in this area of the Pyrenees. Even our main guide live in a neighbour town so he is very accessible to us. The only exception is when we need to work with specialists in some areas, like a geologist, naturalist, ornithologist, if its not possible to find one in our area. In any way their presence always enrich the local point of view of the environment.

Our meals are always composed by local products, fundamentally the ones who have certificate of origin, like wine, lamb, calf, and others handmade products like bread, cakes, cheese.

In our holidays we try to collaborate with local projects like local bodegas, handmade cheese factories, a beekeeper from the valley, local farmers,where the visitors will be able to buy quality local products. Also we visit museums that shows the traditional way of life, their jobs and techniques, many of them lost. In this sense we are also lucky because we have a splendid diocesan museum that preserves the romanesque local paintings.

We also belong to a local tourist association of the Natural Park in which we are located that tries to promote a respectful tourism in these valleys.

Environmental responsibility

Our guests house was originally a hut that was built in the nineteenth century, it was restored respecting the traditional materials (stone facade, wood structure, some stone tiles) to preserve the aesthetic of the surrounding buildings. We putted two solar panels in the roof to heat the water using the sun energy which here usually is generous. Also obviously we recycle all what we can: plastic, glass, organic rubbish. Also the most of our plants in the garden are local specimens to avoid the proliferation of exogenous ones in the area. We never use plastic water bottles neither in the meals in our bed and breakfast nor in our walks, in which we will use refillable bottles to carry the water.

We are located in the heart of the Huesca Pyrenees (Aragón) beside the Occidental Valleys Natural Park and the French Pyrenees National Park. In this area inhabits the few endogenous bears of the Pyrenees (now accompanied by two new female bears, recently introduced), the bearded vulture and other vulnerable species what require increase the precaution when we walk through these valleys. So we try to make contact with the rangers making a responsible use of the Natural Park resources, and to inform about it to them.

We are members of a conservationist association called AEMS (Ríos con vida), which try to preserve the health of the rivers and lakes  in Spain and also in the Pyrenees.

We also belong to a net of accommodations linked to the birdwatching activity in the Jacetania región (Birding Pirineos) with an excellent certifícate.

We will give all the information needed about our holidays to our future visitors during the booking. But also all the details about our tours will be shown in our web page.

Social responsibility

As we said before we will always inform our visitors about the past and present social and economics issues of an area located in a border with another country. This have enrich these cultures but at the same time they also have been witness of tragic events in the past. We will try then to show a bit of these stories visiting museums and the heritage, like the guide visit of the modernist Canfranc Railway Station, the visit of the Portalet Fort in France, the Orenz Sanz museum, the diocesan museum and others. We collaborate also with local projects during our holidays. We will try to show their work and skills and try to enjoy with it.